Embellish your homes with a splash of tropical hues to make it look more welcoming and vibrant. Tropical colours like turquoise, coral, tangerine, fuchsia, aqua will set you in a happy mood whenever you enter your house. These colours work well with vintage pieces of furniture or neutral-coloured flooring.

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8 ways to alter your homes into a tropical paradise

1. Feel the tropical bamboos everywhere!

Whenever you think about tropical regions, one thing that comes to mind are the bamboos. If you don’t have wooden furniture in your house but still crave for tropical vibes, then choose bamboo shades. Add bamboo shades to your windows or doors to make your house sunnier.

You can also reclaim wooden furniture like a bathroom cabinet, dining chairs or a living room.

2. Get the sandy feel!

Seashell decorations in your bathroom will make you feel like being on a beach. Candles decorated with seashells or choosing seashell printed bedsheets can be a great idea too. You can also bring seashell styled glasswares or such kitchenware that can give you cool tropical vibes in the kitchen.

3. Paint it blue!

Make your bathing experience more enjoyable using ocean blue coloured mosaic. Add a tinge of bamboo or ocean blue shades, select sand coloured textiles or even a mosaic for a perfect tropical look!

Paint your furniture with different shades blue or green that signifies the blue coloured beach waters. Similar coloured pillow or cushion covers can do wonders. If you are obsessed with tropical hues, then paint your favourite tropical destination on the wall.

4. Bring home tropical furniture!

Hanging chairs have become an important accessory in the house these days as it gives you beautiful evenings with your beloved or gives you unforgettable memories with your friends.

A wooden canopy shaped bed with plenty of indoor plants can enhance your tropical experience to the next level. Make sure that you have plenty of room for natural lighting. Let your house be more breezy.

5. Green as the tropical!

Plants are normally seen in every household. But for a tropical look! You need more plants to make your house look serene. Bring medium sized palm leaves, areca palm, money plants or bonsai trees and place it wherever you can.

Shop vibrant coloured curtains, cushions, or pillow covers with a greener shade.

6. Go bohemian!

Why leave the floor? Incorporate a bohemian style rug at the main hall or medium ones for the bedrooms. This will bring out the right energy to your homes.

7. Choose off-white!

White can be mix matched with any other colour. It calms the mind and soothes the eyes.

Instead of opting for pure white coloured curtains, choose some off-white coloured including beige, flax, and taupe that may give you a better tropical ambience.

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8. Bring home the pleasing sounds of the waves!

Do you miss the sound of waves crashing, which is relaxing and overwhelming to hear? The constantly moving windchime will bring back happy moments as you sit back digging your feet deep in the warm blue sea.

Hang beautiful windchimes made up of colourful sea glass or tropical bamboos at your balcony or veranda.

Tropical colours for your homes

If you are still reminiscing your previous tropical trip. We can help you in creating an ambience of your favourite tropical destination. Just choose the right colours to decorate your homes or offices.

If you’re planning to transform your residence with these bright, sunny tropical hues then choose the best services of cement rendering in Sydney itself.

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Changing latitudes between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn with these warm yet colourful tropic colours:

1.Tourqouise: This colour represents the mild tropical waters that can best suit your bedrooms. To get the right tropical colour, pair it with different shades of pink, orange, coral or yellow. This will lighten your room and lift your mood.

2. Tangerine: Synchronize this amazing deep orange colour with pink and purple for a timeless look. Choose this for your living rooms and bedrooms. Using a combination of tangerine and beige or off white can be pleasing for the kitchen or bathroom.

3. Canary Yellow: Give a bold look to your room with canary yellow walls and turquoise home decors like cushions or bedsheets. For a less bold look, pair the colour with shades of white for a subtle look.

4. Aqua: This tropical pastel brings a softening experience to the eyes along with warmth. When matched with loud colours like yellow or fuchsia, it makes the room look elegant. Feel near to the beach with this amazing colour.

5. Fuchsia: Fall in love with this romantic colour, enhance it by pairing it with bright green, yellow and orange coloured home decor. Use this colour anywhere in the house, if its the living room them use white coloured flowers and feel like being on vacation every day.

6. Coral: This classic orange colour inherits a unique island charm to it. Enhance the temper of the colour by adding turquoise, green or aqua coloured accessories to it.

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