Let your guests relax and unwind in the most extravagant style

The guest bedroom needs to be pleasant, inviting and comfortable. Other than a bedroom, it should have basic furniture, elegant home decor and luxurious touches that make it feel like home. This turned as a reality for one of our clients when his family decided to stay at a guest house during a recent family trip to Sydney.

“I had the privilege to stay at one of the incredible guest houses which was just the ideal guest-house-design that touched me due to its interior design. The contrasting coloured walls with acrylic texture coating lured me with its amazing texture giving it a luxurious touch.”

That’s when he decided to convert his additional rooms into a mini guest house. Then he turned to us for renovating the rooms. And guess what, he totally fell in love with it.

Read on!


Guest house decorations that will add to your guest’s memories :

1. Overall layout

It is not just about having a luxurious bed, you need to also consider the wall, floor, and window. Make it look more dramatic by painting the walls with acrylic texture coating for a metallic look, using stencils or drawing mandala that may look artistic.

Dark curtains can be made more presentable by using rope and tassel tiebacks. Twin it with window valances and tiebacks for a modern look.

Using an area rug beside your bed will make it look more serene and luxurious. A hardwood floor or a classic mattress would be beautiful too. Contrast the colour of the bedsheet with your wall paint. Match it with a cozy comforter, ironed pillows and don’t forget to provide extra blankets.

2. The bedroom furniture

If you wish to give a rustic feel to your furniture, then decorate all your old furniture by painting it with a similar colour especially blue. Guests will appreciate if you use chalk paint to make it look more exotic yet rusty.

A classic stencil design will look great too. Add more elements in the room by including a dressing table with a mirror or a writing table with a pen holder or even a bookshelf that would be admired by book lovers.

3. Bedding essentials

The bed is the top most essential thing that a guest can never overlook. Make it feel like home and comfortable with a good quality clean mattress. Use feathered pillows that are suitable for all. Make sure that the pillows are covered with a freshly ironed pillow cover!

A comforter set, duvet covers, sheet sets adjourned with vibrant looking throw pillows can be elegant. Placing an upholstered armchair at one side of the corner would be aesthetically good looking.

4. Proper lighting

Proper Lighting has the ability to either create or break the mood. A soft light contributes to the overall ambience. Ambient lighting is glare free and gives overall illumination in space. For acrylic texture coating walls, ambient lighting can match well.

Mini chandeliers are normally seen everywhere. Mini chandeliers or flush ceiling lights give a subtle lighting experience. If not this, then table lamps, candlestick lamps, floor or reading lamps could make you feel cozier.

Match ambient lighting with eye soothing wall scones. With this, your guests are not really going to leave any sooner!

5. Additional facilities

Vacations can be tiresome for some people so there are guests who must have arrived at your place after a long journey. For such people, a midnight munch is a must need. Create space for a small refrigerator loaded with some snacks and beverages.

For the dedicated sport lovers, a T.V with wireless headsets is a must so that the other family members don’t get disturbed.

Quick cues:

  1. Don’t place any personal pictures, just hang landscapes or anything abstract.
  2. Do put an effort in decorating the room in order to enhance the overall appearance.
  3. Placing flower bouquets can be pleasing and welcoming.
  4. Make sure that you refill toothpaste, toiletries, towels, soaps and likewise.
  5. Keep extra pillows, blankets in the closet.
  6. Providing your guests with a coffee machine or a tea boiler can be a good gesture. Providing teabags, sugar, cookies, extra mugs or glasses will be appreciated. Lure them with more!
  7. Place more than one trash bin.
  8. Give access to at least two charging stations along with access to Wi-Fi.
  9. Small hampers filled with fruits, chocolates can make them happy during a sad departure.
  10. Equip yourself with numbers of local carpenters, plumbers, electrician, and such handymen.
  11. Provide with a handy list of all local lore like flee markets, traditional theatre and likewise.

It’s very important to contrast your bedroom linens with a smooth finish of acrylic texture coating using Mix Mud’s acrylic rendering services that will protect your walls from the harsh weather and protect it for many years.

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