Why A Polystyrene Wall System Is Not Just A Cosmetic Option


Aesthetics have always been important in building design. But much more is expected today than just an attractive facade, with energy efficiency and protective qualities also key concerns. The most cost-effective building rendering option that satisfies all of these criteria is a Polystyrene Wall System.


As a wall cladding system, there is a genuine aesthetic value to erecting a system of polystyrene wall panels. They provide a smooth, clean and seamless surface to a home that adds greatly to the visual impact. But there is more to them to that.


In fact, one of the biggest benefits of the system is that it protects Sydney homes by blocking the elements from any contact with external walls. The cladding system uses a sealant process that creates and air-tight surface that envelopes the whole building. As a result, erosive processes like peeling and cracking are prevented, and moisture is kept at bay.


And because this building rendering system is very eco-friendly, thanks to its ability to lower energy consumption, it is able to lower the costs of running a home. In fact, research suggests annual energy cost savings of up to 20%.


5 Key Benefits Of A Polystyrene Wall System.


  1. Each wall panel is made of polystyrene, a lightweight material that is also highly durable once the wall rendering process is complete.
  2. As a polystyrene panel, the whole wall cladding system boasts genuine thermal properties, meaning they offer high insulation value.
  3. These thermal properties means this building rendering system is also an impressive energy saving option, keeping temperatures warm in winter and cool in summer.
  4. Polystyrene is also fire retardant, with reduced flammability and poor rates of combustion. What this means is that fire struggles to catch hold and, if it should, spreads extremely slowly and causes less overall damage.
  5. Polystyrene wall panels are highly water resistant, offering a highly effective barrier against rain, condensation and even water vapour barrier.


A polystyrene wall system can certainly make your home look amazing, but with so many other benefits to enjoy, this building rendering option stands out against the alternatives available.


Mix Mud has been doing this for the past 22 years, helping homes and residential developments across Sydney, from Eastern Suburbs like Vaucluse and Queen’s Park to the Northern Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach, achieve the highest possible standards of cost and energy efficiency.