Sydney homeowners already know the value of rendering their homes. The most obvious is the increase market value that it lends them, with rendered homes often gaining as much as 300% times the outlay for rendering. So, if $3,000 is spent, the house price could increase by $9,000.


At Mix Mud, we have watched the popularity of this rendering service option grow, but there are other reasons to choose an acrylic render above the other render options. Here is a shortlist of 5 of them.


5 Benefits of Acrylic Rendering


Higher Durability & Flexibility – as a material, acrylic is very flexible. So, while the heat of the day and coolness of the night can cause other materials damage through expansion and contraction, acrylic rendering is much more durable and doesn’t peel or crack.  


Works on Greater Variety of Surfaces – acrylic is extremely versatile, so regardless of the wall surface, a high quality finish can be achieved. The majority of home exterior walls are constructed of brick or cement, but acrylic rendering also works perfectly on timber and painted surfaces.


Fast Drying – there is no lengthy waiting time for acrylic to dry, as is the case with so many other building rendering options. That means, not only is the project completed in only a few days, but the risk of vulnerability to adverse weather conditions is minimal. Alternatives can take weeks to dry, keeping homeowners on tenterhooks over the possibility of sudden weather changes.


High Water Resistance – moisture can cause havoc with building exteriors, with water droplets trapped in minute pockets freezing and evaporating to crack and warp surfaces. Moisture can also lead to the development of fungi, bacteria, and mold on walls. But because of acrylic’s excellent flexibility in all weather conditions, it is extremely water resistant providing an uncompromised seal that rain, condensation and moisture cannot penetrate.  


Customizable Finishes – unlike other building rendering options, an acrylic render is textured, allowing a variety of finishes. A smooth, clean finish is the most commonly recognized finish, but you can opt for a variety of designs and textures, making it possible to create signature looks for a home and lend a unique character to any building. You can also add specific colour tints to acrylic, making it possible to skip at least one coat of exterior wall paint.